In this issue: CCCA Leaders Speak Out Against Racism, ANC 3/4G Seeks to Delay Community Center Project and Combine it with Library Renovation and New Housing, Chevy Chase Land Company Backs Renaming Newlands Fountain, Historic Chevy Chase DC To Sponsor Zoom Event on Race, Northwest Village Speaker Series Continues, Local Restaurants Expand Service, Janeese Lewis George Wins Ward 4 Primary, CCCA Election Planned by Email, What Makes a Life Rewarding and Satisfying, Lafayette Park Busy During Pandemic, Lafayette School Adding Four Classrooms, Phased Reopening Continues at D.C. Library; Chevy Chase Branch Remains Closed, Auto Thefts Up in CCCA Area

July 2020


CCCA Leaders Speak Out Against Racism

"The full potential of Chevy Chase can’t be achieved until racism is eliminated from our hearts, our homes, our work, and our community," the executive committee of the Chevy Chase Citizens Association said in a statement about racial issues amid national protests about police brutality against blacks. "We believe that the importance and dignity of each individual is paramount to the community’s life," the committee said. "The ability for anyone to achieve their full potential and make their greatest contribution to their families and communities is a function of that person’s access to the tools for doing so: health, safety, education, economic security, and positive engagement with others. For anyone to be denied access to those tools based on race is a grievous wrong to the individual and harms the community.

Interested in volunteering with the CCCA? Send us an email at We are looking people that have writing, reporting, and photography skills to prepare articles for our newsletter and website. We also urgently need volunteers to help us with our database and technical solutions for the website.  Additionally, we are looking for people who are interested in playing leadership roles in the CCCA, the oldest non-profit serving our neighborhood.

NW For Black Lives, Upper Connecticut Avenue, June 8, 2020

Photo Credit: Darcy Buckley

The committee said that, "During these troubled and troubling times, CCCA recommits our leadership and resources to work that is antiracist, equity-driven, accessible and meaningful in the pursuit of our mission and vision. We pledge ourselves to listening to and learning from the voices of all people experiencing racism. We renew our commitment to support equity and diversity in housing in our community."

The group concluded that the association "will continue to offer programs that will educate, inspire and enrich the lives of all of us as it illuminates issues surrounding injustice, discrimination and disproportionality. We stand with all black, brown and marginalized people of Chevy Chase, our city and country, in solidarity and with hope for a better future."

For the full executive committee statement, visit

ANC 3/4G Seeks to Delay Community Center Project, Combine It With Library Renovation, New Housing

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3/4G is proposing that the renovation of the Chevy Chase Community Center be delayed for several years and combined with a similar project at the adjoining Chevy Chase branch library and that the development include affordable housing. In testimony submitted to the D.C. Council on the District's budget for the year starting Oct. 1, ANC chair Randy Speck said the two buildings "have some similar functions that use similar facilities." 

If they were developed separately, sequential construction “will disrupt the small area for three years or more,”  Speck said. Coordinating design and construction “should create efficiencies and lower overall costs. The Community Center project has barely begun, so little will be lost by combining the projects at this stage,” he said.  

Originally, renovation of the community center was to have begun late this year, but the D.C. government sharply increased the cost estimate, which would require an additional appropriation when D.C. faces a budget deficit due to the coronavirus pandemic. The library renovation was not scheduled until fiscal year 2024.

Ward Three D.C. councilmember Mary Cheh, in whose ward the two buildings are located, told CCCA, "I am pleased with the thought and foresight reflected in the ANC's testimony to the Council. It illustrates a kind of thinking outside the box that could organize comprehensive planning for the community center, the library, and the Connecticut Avenue entryway into the District."

In his testimony, Speck also asked the Council to fund the creation of a "Small Area Plan" for the "gateway" area of Connecticut Ave., N.W., from Chevy Chase Circle to Livingston St., N.W., "to guide long-range development, improve our neighborhood, achieve city-wide goals, and attain economic and community benefits." 

For a full story by Allen Seeber on the ANC's proposal, please visit our website,

Chevy Chase Land Company Backs Renaming Newlands Fountain

The Chevy Chase Land Co., a major property owner and developer in our area since its founding in 1890 by U.S. Sen. Francis Newlands of Nevada, says it would support taking Newlands' name off the fountain at Chevy Chase Circle if the community supports that. Critics have cited Newlands' expressions of antiblack views in seeking to rename the fountain.

In a statement issued June 19, the company said, "The recent racially motivated incidents across  the country have created a wave of hurt, outrage and protest."

The company said its board “recognizes that despite Senator Newlands’ accomplishments, his views on  race contradict the ideals of our company fabric. We are committed to taking a collaborative,  community‐first approach to investing in our neighborhoods, and we recognize that the Francis Griffith  Newlands Memorial Fountain has a divisive impact. Should the community vote to rename the fountain,  we wholeheartedly support their decision and commit to supporting the necessary steps required to  make the change."

 A majority of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3/4G members declined to take a position on the naming in 2014, with one member noting that the name was established by Congress in the 1930s and that it might take new congressional action to rename the fountain. The board of Historic Chevy Chase DC supported renaming, while a group of Newlands' descendants opposed it.

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Historic Chevy Chase DC To Sponsor Zoom Event on Race

Historic Chevy Chase DC is celebrating its 30th year. The group has launched a new website at and will post a 30-year history of the organization soon. The website is filled with resources on local history, streetscapes and a new feature by Cate Troups Atkinson, HOUStories. It includes almost three dozen oral histories of our neighbors.

On Wed., July 1, from 7:30-8:30 p.m., HCCDC is hosting a Zoom event on "changing concepts of race" with Charles King, author of the award-winning "Gods of the Upper Air." To receive a link to participate, send a request to

Earlier, the group sponsored a Zoom event for more than 300 attendees with the Historical Society of Washington on policing in D.C. featuring the authors of "Chocolate City: A History of Race and Democracy in the Nation's Capital."

Another Zoom event in the series "race matters locally" will be held in September on "Freedman George Pointer and his Chevy Chase Descendants." Stay tuned for details on this and other 30th anniversary plans.

Northwest Neighbors Village Speakers Series Continues

On Wednesday, July 15 at 10 am, Northwest Neighbors Village will hold a volunteer training program on Zoom. Contact us at or 935-6060 to find out how you can support your community at this difficult time—and meet some great neighbors along the way.

NNV will host more great speakers in July and August as part of its virtual speaker series. These events are open to the community. You can register and find a list of all events and register here. These are July's speakers:

Thursday, July 2 at 11 am, Josh Levin will talk about "The Current State of the Movie Business" and the Impact of COVID-19 on movie theaters. Levin, former owner of the West End Cinema, has produced documentary films and held executive positions in the  distribution and marketing end of the business.  RSVP here.

Thursday, July 16 at 1 pm, Roy Neel will discuss "Could the White House Steal the Election by Manipulating the Electoral College?" Neel's 2016 novel "The Electors" imagines just such a scenario. Centering on a conspiracy in the White House to undermine the Electoral College, it is described as "a riveting story of massive political corruption." Neel is a former White House Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of VP Al Gore's Transition Planning in 2000. He will talk about his research and personal experiences that led him to imagine the scenario. RSVP here.

Tuesday, July 28 at 2 pm, Milton Shinberg will discuss "This is Your Brain on Architecture." Shinberg, a renowned professor and architect, will talk about the intersection of neuroscience and architecture, with a particular focus on the relationship between cognition, understanding and designing architectural space.  RSVP here.

Local Restaurants Expand Service

Four Connecticut Avenue restaurants -- The Avenue/Capital Crab & Seafood, Bread and Chocolate, Jetties, and Parthenon -- are offering both indoor and outdoor dining under D.C. pandemic rules effective June 22. Tables must be at least six feet apart and the restaurant may not operate at more than 50 percent capacity. In addition, Blue 44 and Little Beast are offering outdoor dining and Subway indoor dining. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Jerry Malitz is providing details of restaurant services, including take-out and delivery, as well as information on other Chevy Chase, D.C., businesses, on

Janeese Lewis George Wins Ward 4 Primary

Janeese Lewis George won the June 2 Democratic primary election for the Ward 4 seat on the D.C. Council, defeating incumbent Brandon Todd. George won nearly 55 percent of the vote, with 10,965 votes. Todd received slightly over 43 percent, with 8,624. A third candidate, Marlena Edwards, got 411 votes. Perry Redd won the Statehood Green nomination for the seat, which will be filled in the Nov. 3 election. There was no Republican candidate. The Democratic candidates took part in an online forum sponsored by CCCA and the Ward 4 Democrats. A feature story on the election by the website The Intercept can be seen here:

CCCA Election Planned by Email

It is that time of year again when we elect our officers for the Chevy Chase Citizens Association. Although the elections are typically held in person, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year's election is being conducted by email. The following slate of three officers for our 2020-21 program year is offered to the membership for vote by email: 

President:     Robert Gordon

Secretary:     Jory Barone

Treasurer:     Sandra (Sandy) Cihlar
Jory and Sandy have been in their respective positions during this previous year and have agreed to serve again this year.  Robert served as our 1st Vice President for the previous two years and has now agreed to move to the President's position.
We need your votes to put forward this slate of officers.  Our By-Laws require at least 25 members to approve the slate for these officers to take their positions. 
How to vote:  CCCA members will receive a separate email soon asking for your vote. Please look for this email. Simply, press REPLY to the email and type the word YES or NO. 
We have two additional positions available immediately - 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President.  In the coming months, we hope to identify nominees for those positions and put them forward to the membership for election. If you would like to serve on the Executive Committee in one of these positions, or to be more active, please include your name and the position you would like to fill.
Thank you for your help with electing our 2020-2021 officers.
Samantha Nolan

ChairNominating Committee   

What Makes a Life Rewarding, Satisfying

During difficult months when we are all concerned with the health and well-being of our families, friends, neighbors, and fellow city residents, CCCA and Northwest Neighbors Village (NNV) held a video meeting in early June to talk about what makes a life rewarding and satisfying. It was led by David Cohen, an NNV volunteer, who spoke about his research for a book based on the findings of The Harvard Study of Adult Development. This longitudinal study began in 1938 with 268 college sophomores and -later added 450 inner city Boston men to study what makes a successful life. The study continues with research on their descendants. 

Cohen asked meeting participants to offer their own observations of the sources of satisfaction for their elderly family and friends. They talked about qualities such as a sense of humor, story-telling ability, joy in their families, involvement in their communities, and love of activities such as walking. He pointed out that exercise can counter the effects of many vascular risk factors such as smoking, alcohol abuse, hypertension, and obesity.  He highlighted research from George Vaillant’s book, “Triumphs of Experience: The Men of the Harvard Grant Study.”  The book listed 10 accomplishments of late life that reflect many different aspects of life satisfaction such as the ability to enjoy work, love, and play, have loving relationships with family and friends, cope with stress, persevere, and be altruistic. 

Cohen listed his own three steps to nourish loving relationships: “listen, speak softly, and remember a twosome has three parties: you, your partner, and the relationship.” He emphasized that many people have full and active lives in spite of health problems and that success is not measured only by status or income.  He closed with this advice “Ask yourself, what brings you the most joy? 

NNV is committed to reducing social isolation and offers a rich offering of activities. CCCA offers a variety of community events held throughout the year that can help you connect to your community.
The video conferences recording is posted at:  

Lafayette Park Busy During Pandemic

Lafayette Park has been very heavily used in the last four months, says Patty Myler, a board member of Friends of Lafayette Park (FOLP). That is welcome, but it means much more trash in the area. Users of the park and the adjoining Lafayette Elementary School grounds are encouraged to carry out their trash. We do not want to attract pests.

Work continues on the park's new recreation center. The foundation should be poured in early July, and construction should then move quickly.

FOLP is planning new landscape plantings along 33rd Street to replace what was removed to allow installation of the new stormwater management drain line along the tennis courts.

The organization is seeking new members and volunteers to help with the garden border beds on 33rd Street and Broad Branch road. To join or volunteer, visit

Lafayette School Adding Four Classrooms

Four new classrooms are being built at Lafayette Elementary School's lower level to accommodate increasing enrollment. The space now being retro-fit is currently storage and unfinished spaces, Principal Carrie Broquard told parents. Three of the four rooms will receive direct light. Broquard says there will be seven classes in first, second and third grade, and fourth grade will increase to six classrooms.

The D.C. school year is scheduled to start Aug. 31, either in person or online, Mayor Muriel Bowser said in late May.

Phased Reopening Continues as D.C. Library; Chevy Chase Branch Still Closed

Several D.C. Public Library locations--including the Cleveland Park branch--have expanded service on weekdays In addition to services including pick up and returning library materials, library patrons are allowed to enter buildings to pick up books, access remote printing, and use a limited number of public computers and printers. Expanded services will be in effect from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. and from 3:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. from Monday through Friday at eight branch libraries across the city.  Browsing for books and meeting room reservations are not included.

To ensure public health and safety of library staff and users, controlled entry will be in place to limit the number of people in the library at one time.  Visitors must wear a face mask or covering and practice social distancing.

Starting Monday, July 6, library users will be able to return books at six more locations, including the Tenley branch, and beginning July 13, these branches will offer expanded services from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. and from 3:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.

For now, the Cleveland Park branch--and eventually, Tenley-- will be the nearest libraries for Chevy Chase, D.C., residents. Martha Saccocio, the Director of Community Engagement at the Library, does “not have a date" for the reopening of our local branch.  "It will not open before the city moves to Phase 3 of the Mayor’s Re-Open D.C. Plan," she added. 

Auto Thefts Up in CCCA Area

Vehicle thefts rose in the last month in Police Service Area 201, which includes Chevy Chase, D.C., to nine compared with six a year ago. Overall thefts are down from 11 to 7 in the same period, Metropolitan Police Department data show.

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